Compress Image


What is Image Compression?

For someone who isn’t yet familiar with or understands the term image compression, it sounds like magic. However, once you go deeper into the subject, you get to know that how some images are larger in size, occupying more space than other despite regardless of the number of pixels they occupy on the screen. The image compression online is the procedure in which the size of an image or a graphics file is reduced.

It is naive to think that we can compress image only in just one way. There are many different methods, each having a distinct approach to compress image online. The key purpose of using an image compression software or image compression program is to achieve minimized redundancy and irrelevance in the image data.

To achieve image compression online or compress image online, any free image compression tool can be used. Fortunately, image compression software is easily and widely available on the internet now which you can use to compress image.

Compress Image Online: Image Size and Photo Compressor

The most basic measure of image size, as well as its dimensions in a browser, is the image resolution. Resolution can be determined by total pixels within in an image noted as width x height pixels. An image file size being the basic measure of its weight affects the download time. The interesting thing is that the two images of the same resolution are necessarily not always of the same file size.

Compress image online is one approach towards the difference in the image file size. Any offline or online image compressor or photo compressor can be used to compress image.

Why Use Compress Image Online Tool

Image compressor software isn’t just an additional and arbitrary step to take in the process of storing images or creating a website. You can compress image online for the web which will make it easier to transfer them or load quickly.

However, compression doesn’t mean making the images appear smaller on the page. In a real sense, compression requires you to cut down the cost of the storage space for images. If you own an image that is of insanely high quality, then it will take forever to load, especially with poor internet connection. Even resizing the image in a tiny little rectangle doesn’t ensure the compression of image file size.

Thus, when you decide to upload a high quality or a large sized photo on the web, it is necessary to compress image, in addition, to visually size down it.

Compress Image Online: How Does It Work?

There are various ways to compress image online. It depends on why you to want to compress a picture in the first place and which kind of method you have decided to go for.

The method you decide to use is directly related to reducing the file size. By minimizing the size of a file, you encode the file data differently, or you reduce the information that is stored in the photo. The most convenient way is to use an image compression software to fulfill the requirement.

Luckily, gone are the days when it was nearly impossible to find a jpeg or png compression tool. We offer you the best image compression software which you can use freely to compress image online.

Lossy vs. Lossless Compression

Compression with the help of an image compression software is basically of two types: Lossy & Lossless image compression. Both these types of image compression online are self-explanatory enough. As the name suggests, lossy compression is the one which will compress image and cause it to lose a part of its quality while lossless compression doesn’t cause the image to lose its quality.

The lossless method enables you to keep the image quality intact while significantly reducing the file size and making it much easier to transfer. When you need to store the image in a type of archival system, you can use lossless compression method which allows you to retain every bit of information or quality, keeping the image crisp and detailed.

The lossy compression can be of use when you are using the images for a print publication or on a website. This method reduces the image size as well as some of its quality. It makes it easy and fast to load while making the photo look good without taking any unnecessary space.

Compress Image Online: Choosing a Right File Format

Different file formats are appropriate for different types of image files. It is very crucial to choose the proper image format. Choosing a right image format can result in smaller file sizes and higher image quality. Whether you want to compress JPEG or any other format, opting for the wrong format means the images won’t be as high in quality as they could be and the file size will likely be very large.

Online Compress Image: Size Reduction and Slow Devices

The decrease in the file size remains the single most significant advantage of using any image compressor or photo compressor. Depending on the type of file you are working with, you can compress image until it’s of your desired file size. You can compress JPEG, PNG, JPG or any image format with JPEG compression or other available tools. PNG or JPEG image compression would lead to less space taken by the image on the hard drive while retaining the same quality or physical size unless the image’s physical size is altered in an image editor. The file size reduction works great, allowing the webmasters to upload images without consuming much storage space or bandwidth.

Some of the electronic devices, such as cameras or computers, may take a lot of time to load huge, uncompressed images. For example, CD drives can only read the data at a particular rate, unable to display large images in real time. Also, for some web hosts that transfer data slowly, it becomes necessary to compress image online. Use of an image compressor to compress JPEG, JPG, PNG or any image file format also allow images to load quickly on other storage mediums, such as hard drives.

Image compression will allow the size reduction which will lead to faster loading of image data on slower devices.