I read something about lossy versus lossless compression somewhere. What’s the difference?

As you may have read on our site, there are two different types of image compression. One of them is photo compression without any compromise on image quality. The other one compresses photos to the extent that they may not look the same afterwards.

The method we use at compressimage.org is the method where quality is NEVER compromised, and this is called lossless compression.

This means that some images may be compressed more than others. This depends on the individual specifications of the photograph or image in question, as each one is different.

Based on the amount of non-essential pixels that can be removed, the image will be compressed to the maximum amount possible for that image. Some images have more non-essential pixels than others, and thus they can be compressed further.

Don’t be surprised if you have two pictures of the same original size that become different sizes after compression!

The other type of jpeg compression is to remove pixels until the picture reaches a certain size, regardless of the final quality. This method is generally not advised, as the compressed pictures in this case will not look the same. Viewers will immediately notice that the picture quality is poor, which may directly impact your credibility as any type of online content publisher.

If you wish to compress your images, you can do so now on our home page. Go ahead and check it out absolutely free of charge on www.compressimage.org.