When would I need to change the size of an image?

In the digital world, bigger is not always better. In fact, when it comes to images, they need to be smaller in order for them to be used effectively online.

The best way to reduce image size is to compress it, and the best place to compress images is right here on www.compressimage.org!

Are you unsure of why you would need to make an image smaller? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and your reason may be different.

A)Online Publishing

Smaller images load quicker on the reader’s browser, and quick loading times are very important when it comes to online media.

A reader of an online article or blog post expects the data to be right at their fingertips. When images don’t load immediately, in most cases, the viewer will simply close the page and move on.

When data is viewed on the internet, bytes of information need to be sent through the air in order for the signal to be picked up by a receiver. Smaller amounts of data are sent quicker, and so images load quicker on the viewer’s browser.

B)Reduction of Data Storage Space

Just like “zipped” files take up less space on your computer or storage device, so do compressed images. This allows you to use your space more efficiently, which is especially useful if you have many images and a small amount of space to store them on.

C)Optimizing Your Photos for Social Media

Social media sites are the most commonly used platforms for storage and sharing of images. Trying to upload large images will take longer and cost more in terms of data usage. Furthermore, they will take significantly longer to open when you or your friends try to view them. As we want and expect images to load quickly, it can be hugely frustrating when we are stuck reading a caption and unable to see the image that is supposed to accompany it.

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